Perforated Bags On Roll For Heavy Weight Items

Perforated bags are essential for packaging heavy weight items to provide added protection to industrial parts, collectibles, frames, food and more more. Whether you have delicate or tough items, our perforated bags on roll will fully fit your packaging requirements of any type.

Our heavy-weight plastic bags are perforated to conveniently tear them off and seal them back without making much hassle.

Perforated Bags On Roll With Unparalleled Quality

Our perforated bags on roll undergo stringent quality checks to ensure that you can comfortably pack products of any weight and size.

Bank on our proficient core team which strives to explore effective and efficient quality solutions to ensure that we continue to serve high quality perforated bags on roll for a wide range of commercial applications.

All of our perforated bags on roll strictly adhere to FDA and USDA compliances to ensure complete safety for all your consumable items.

Enjoy Variety With Perforated Bags On Roll

We understand that every company has its own intricate requirements for packaging. It has compelled us to employ finest manufacturing techniques for residential as well as commercial use.

Manufactured from high density polythene (HDPE), our perforated bags on roll suffice an elaborative range of functionalities and guarantee sustained use without any untoward damage during the shipping.

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  • Engineered to multiply the impact and tensile strength of conventional LDPE bags.
  • Perforated to tear off easily.
  • Comfortable storage and dispensing
  • Wound on a multi-inch core for easy use.
  • Heavy-duty thickness ensures complete protection against sharp-edged items.
  • Ideal for packaging and shipping large or bulky items
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Be assured of safe and secure packaging and shipment of your essential items without bearing even a scratch, and/or of infiltration of dust or grime.

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