T-shirt Carrier Bags

T-Shirt carrier bags, Vest carrier bags.

Garbage Bags

 Garbage bags on roll, Sacks on roll.

Merchandise Bags

Merchandise Bags, Punch Out Handle bags, Glued Patch Handle Bags

Perforated Bags On Roll

Perforated bags on roll, Vegetable roll.

Specialty Bags

Rubble Sacks, Aggregate Sacks, Individual Fold Bags, Charity Bags 


Sahachit Watana provides end-to-end plastics need to the different wholesaler. We serve various industries with different products to cater their packaging needs.

Our product range includes custom polythene bags, packaging plastic bags, garbage bags, merchandise bags, specialty bags and more.

We are into business for 40 plus years and are recognized for our finest quality and many satisfied clients all over the world. We have just the perfect bags that you can carry at your own convenience.

T-shirt Carrier Bags

Owing to our rich experience and vast knowledge of this domain, our premium quality T- Shirt Bags provide a very cost effective choice with extra strength at the same time. Besides the good grip it offers all the way to your destination, this is a choice of bag that can resist a fair density of weight as well.

Garbage Bags - Garbage bags on roll, Sacks on roll

Garbage bags are examined with adamant approach under various parameters. In addition to this, the supply of these bags in durable packaging have awarded us vast clientele base.

Merchandise Bags

Best part of sticking to plastic merchandise bags is that they are affordable and don’t take up much space. They can be occupied in a small space and help you store number of things at once. You don’t have to sacrifice quality to get a lower price when you choose merchandise bags.

Perforated Bags on Roll

No matter if the daily customer handling is based on your big supermarket clientele or as green grocers or as butchers; our perforated polythene bags would do the perfect role. These come handy on roll which ensures that customers or employees can cut them as and when they need one, and in the meantime they can be hung, stored or displayed neatly.

Specialty Bags – We include Rubble Sacks, Aggregate Sacks, Individual Fold Bags, Charity Bags and more to make your brand reach the widest horizons and like-minded people.

All our polythene bags are of the highest quality and are available from stock ready for immediate dispatch. What’s more! We have already priced it low to keep you coming back for more, probably, for larger orders. We cover all of your shopping bags needs with a large variety of options.

Show off your brand, and shop today for high-quality plastic merchandise bags! 

The Sahachit Watana Bag Factory

Each of the bags we create, no matter if it is for you merchandise business, t-shirts or others, craftsmanship at Sahachit Watana Factory is learned through a lifetime of experience.

Thanks to over 40 years of experience, we have been able to provide bespoke services to meet and exceed the expectations of all our customers.

Why Polythene?

Polythene is a great way to carry, transport and deliver products. Our printed and biodegradable polythene bags also offer a great opportunity to ensure that your brand and your business name is remembered and projected once your customer has left your establishment.

Reasons to Choose Sahachit Watana

  • Manufactures high quality plastic bags
  • Efficiency and experience in flexible packaging and converting equipment
  • Matchless business practices
  • Constantly upgrading quality
  • Manufacture, assembly and testing are carried out with great care

With the constant improvements in technology and products quality, Sahachit Watana has become one of the trustworthy names amongst the plastic bags manufacturers. 

For more information on our plastic bags or other products, please don’t hesitate to contact us on +662 809-0324-8, or via peerapat@sahachit.com.

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