Sahachit Watana Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

was established in 1968 and has been involved in exports since late 1980s. We are a plastic bag manufacturer of all types of Polyethylene packaging. Thanks to over 40 years of experience we are able to offer exceptional products to our customers.

Our company’s plastic bags cover an extensive range of sizes from the smallest, starting from 150 mm wide and 8 microns thick, to the largest which are up to 2,000 mm in width and 100-200 microns in thickness. Our plastic bags can be created in a large variety of different colours ranging from natural to any metallic colours. Polyethylene is naturally flexible and thus the right solution for your needs can be created, either it be a small vest carrier bag to a large lay-flat tube on roll or an aggregate sack with upto 200 micron thickness. We also offer biodegradable bags for the environmentally conscious customers. Within the current range of products that we offer, we are able to meet all of our customers' requirements.


Sahachit Watana Factory was founded in 1968 by Mr.Wichien Tiyaboonchai who had a plastic drinking straw making machine in Taladploo district on a 400 sq.m. of land. He was innovative for his time and was the first to introduce individually wrapped drinking straws to the Thai market. This product was well received and there was a large demand for it from large enterprises. His key to success was to listen to customers’ needs and be responsive to the markets demand.

During the 1970’s, plastic bags were introduced as a new kind of packaging in Thailand and Sahachit Watana became one of the first polythene bags manufacturers here. During this time, there was  rapid growth of the company and the factory was relocated to a facility in Nongkaem district. In 1982, we were registered as a limited company and a rename Sahachit Watana Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. to mark our refocusing on plastic bag manufacturing. The early stages of success within the local market led to the expansion in exports. We relocated again in 1992, to our present site and further expanded our facility to 6,500 sq. m. to meet further rises in export demand.